Adaptation contact lenses

 Dencott Custom Contact Lens Fitting Center

Contact lens adaptation

You wish to be equipped with Soft, Rigid, Progressive, Toric, or Multifocal contact lenses, our team of contactologists is at your disposal by appointment to explain all the possibilities that may apply to your case and establish you a quote for a first adaptation or renewal.

Our adaptation center is equipped with the most efficient devices for refraction and corneal topography, with quick appointments.

Thus, thanks to digital topographic measurements, we can equip you with precision and safety.



The various tests are distributed as follows:

  • Test 1, Measurement and personalized study, selection of the first pair of test contact lenses, with established estimate.
  • Test 2, Prolonged wear with tolerance control, learning to handle.
  • Test 3, Learning and handling
  • Trial 4, Prescription of permanent lenses.
  • Trial 5, Advice and maintenance of your contact lenses

In all cases, we work in close collaboration with your ophthalmologist and he will be informed of the good progress of your tests and of the final parameters of your contact lenses.


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