1. Can we wear it at any age?

Today we have contact lenses that allow good oxygenation of the eye. Some can be worn continuously, essential in the case of a very young child or an elderly person unskilled in handling.

2. What can be corrected?

All vision defects can be compensated for with soft or oxygen permeable contact lenses. Whether you are nearsighted, hyperopic, astigmatic and / or presbyopic, there is a lens that may be suitable, taking care to carry out tolerance tests beforehand.

3. Can we play sports?

Yes, except water sports. Indeed, sports such as swimming are not recommended with contact lenses for reasons of loss and hygiene. However, you can opt for daily lenses that are thrown away after the bath.

4. Can we take a plane?

The lack of humidity in an airplane will result in a feeling of dryness in the eye. During a short flight, you can have recourse to artificial tears which will ensure better comfort.

5. Can it go behind the eye?

The eye is covered with the upper and lower eyelids, due to untimely rubbing, the lens can move under the upper eyelid. It is then advisable to look down, to lift the upper eyelid in order to lower the lens to the level of the cornea.

6. I tried some and couldn't stand them anymore?

Materials and lenses change every year. The progress made now allows the greatest number of carriers to be fitted with satisfaction.

7. Can it damage my eye?

The lenses require a minimum of care and hygiene to allow optimum comfort. If these rules are followed and the preliminary tests satisfactory, there is no risk of wearing contact lenses.

8. Is it painful?

No. Placing a lens is not painful. The sensation is mainly manifested in the upper eyelid when passing the eyelid over the edge of the lens. And depending on the sensitivity of each, the sensation will disappear completely after a few days.

9. Do they improve vision compared to glasses?

In fact the answer must be more nuanced. In the case of myopic, visual acuity is better with a contact lens. In hyperopic patients, even if the central acuity is not very different, the contribution of the periphery of the field is a significant advantage.

10. Are they a binding interview?

Maintenance solutions are now simpler and more efficient. Now all you need to do is use a single solution for cleaning and storing lenses overnight.